Debt Recovery CRM

CRM Tailored for Debt Recovery Companies in UAE and Gulf.
Organize Business Process and Increase Productivity
Work on Any Device from Anywhere
Keep your customers notified and updated with claims activities

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Marketing Management

Marketing Management

  • Manage Marketing Campaigns efficiently
  • Analyze Bad Deals and improve marketing strategy
  • Manage Agreements and Marketing Commissions
  • Manage Agreement Documents
  • Get Notified for Meeting and Tasks assignment
  • Manage Marketing Expenlse Claims

Claims Management

  • Process Claims efficiently with Claims Management System
  • Get Notified for Task Assignment and Claim Assignment
  • Track Claims and Task assignment history
  • Manage Claims on Hold and Cancelled Claims
Claims Management
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Tasks Management

  • Manage Event and TO DO list with complete Activity History
  • Get Reminders by email and sms for Event and Task assignment
  • Auto Task Creation on Claim Assignment to other staff or department
  • Colored List for Urgent, Pending, Overdue and Completed Tasks

Accounts Management

  • Manage Payment and Receipts
  • Manage Prepaid Payments and Post Paid Payments
  • Detailed Account statement of each claim for a customer
  • Manage and Generate Invoices
  • Voucher Prints for Staff Payments, Debtor Payments, and Expenses
  • Reports Printing for Cheques, Cheques Details, Expenses and accounts
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Contacts Management

  • Manage Companies and Contacts Details
  • Categorize and Organize Contact in Groups
  • Manage Customer Portal Access of contacts

Notifications and Access to Customer Portal

  • Keep your customers notified and updated with claims activities
  • SMS and Email Notifications to customers for Claims progress
  • Customers can login to customer portal and view details and history of their Claims
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AED 220 per month per user. Minimum 5 users.
  • All Modules
  • Daily Backups
  • Customizations
  • Free Updates


$AED 150 per month per user. Minimum 20 users.
  • AllModules
  • Daily Backups
  • User Accounts
  • Customizations
  • Free Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Debt Recovery CRM before purchasing a license?

Yes we provide one month free demo account to test our software with full support and training to get use to the system

What makes Debt Recovery CRM different from other CRM software?

Debt Recovery CRM is developed with collaboration of Debt Recovery Companies to fulfil their Requirements and workflow. General CRM can not handle all the aspect of business

I already use Excel and Outlook, why do I need Debt Recovery CRM?

Managing business with Excel and Outlook is a hectic and does not automate process of updating customers and colleges. DRCRM automates the process of informing customers and colleges by SMS and Email whenever any update to a claim is posted.

I am a layman , will I be able to understand Debt Recovery CRM?

Managing business with Debt Recovery CRM is an easy to use simple modular software and we provide full training and support to use the software.

Why Should I invest in Software?

We provide a very small monthly payment system which pays off very efficiently by increasing your productivity and let you concentrate on your business marketing rather than worrying about managing your customers. Debt Recovery CRM will provide you best ROI.

How secure is my data?

Data Security is our priority. We follow industry’s best practices to provide full security to your data by real time backups and fool proof secure servers.

Who is Debt Recovery CRM suitable for?

Debt Recovery CRM is suitable for any Debt Recovery Company who needs to manage its business , close more deals and become more efficient. It is suitable for Managing Marketing Process, Manage Claims and Accounts. Designed specially for the need of Debt Recovery Companies with their business process and accounting challenges.